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The most sought-after features in luxury properties

The most sought-after features in luxury properties

Area :

Of course, the square footage is one of the essential characteristics for luxury properties. The greater the good, the more prized it is. Thus, luxury homes and properties are often large in size with very spacious bedrooms and living areas. The swimming pools are generally large and are surrounded by a spacious terrace to welcome guests. The gardens are also very large and the paths are sometimes very long.

Exceptional architecture and decoration:

Luxury rhymes with beauty and originality. When it comes to architecture, developers and owners mostly want something different, something that stands out from other properties. Likewise, decorators must create very elegant and very original interiors, with high quality furniture and objects. The materials must be natural and noble, such as wood, stone or marble. The finishes must be very neat and the colors must be sober and elegant.

Personalized services:

Luxury properties generally offer personalized services to occupants. The latter can benefit from a concierge, a cook, a cleaning service, etc. These services allow residents to live in luxury and comfort without having to deal with household chores. In addition, these properties are often located near shopping centers, restaurants and entertainment to the delight of residents. Thus, for a luxury property to be considered as such, it must combine specific characteristics which are privacy, an exceptional location, a well-appointed exterior, a large area, exceptional architecture and decoration, as well as personalized services.

These characteristics make luxury properties highly sought after by a discerning clientele who want the best.

They are distinguished from traditional real estate by their specific characteristics. Privacy is one of the main characteristics sought in a luxury property. For this, it is often preferable to have a large amount of trees on the property, which will allow you to hide from the rest of the world. An exceptional location is also a sought-after characteristic. It is best if it is well secured, clean, well maintained and classy. In addition, it must offer a privileged view.

Likewise, the exterior must be well laid out, with modern facilities such as a swimming pool, jacuzzi, spa, hammam, sauna or sports fields. Gardens should be well maintained and should have a number of plants and trees.